Monday, April 5, 2010

GrandBaby Bunny Blog...

Another beautiful day here in the Hundred Acre Woods By The Inland Sea! Spring has sprung, Easter is just past, and I'm sitting in my jammies, coffee and keyboard in hand. (No, not the same hand, silly)  Yup, life is good, no question about that  at all.

And just to make my life even better, we recently had a wonderful visit with our GranBaby, oh and her parents too! *chuckle*  Son DJ, his wonderful wife Katie, and the star of the show: GranBaby Jane, came traipsing up here the weekend before Easter. The newest member of the Bunny Clan is 10 months old, about 20 pounds, and very bright and engaged with her environment. Her parents are wonderfully loving, attentive, and manage to say "No" (and mean it) at just the right times. DJ and Katie have a very natural style of parenting, and they work well together as a team. The result is a happy, intelligent, and beautiful girl.

Of course, to Barb and I, the little miss is a treasure, and a joy, like no other.  I was never a parent, so all the Baby Ohhhs and Ahhhs are new for me. But Barb says I have good instincts with people, children and babies. Plus she gives me tips on what to do, and how to do it.  Good thing as otherwise I fear I'd do the Wrong Thing, and make whatever into a really Bad Situation! But so far, no Rookie GranPa mistakes that weren't solved by some loving or that venerated sport of new parentage: Baby Bouncing!

Happily, GranBaby Jane is (mostly) a delight, and quite happy to be in your arms. Bouncing is sometimes required, but that's a rather small price to pay for having a minute or two of total, unbridled joy. When the family went to church we were late (as per usual), so we got to sit in front, where the "Late Lutherans" have to pay penance, and can't slip into obscurity for the Service. Early in the Service, Jane was quite gleefully burbling along, and contented herself with Daddy's lap. So, being the beaming, proud GranPa that I am, during a relatively lesser important moment of the service (no, not the Sermon) I sneak a glance at her, two seats away. Busted! Ho boy... she alerts on me like a Redneck at a Monster Truck in a Mud Bog! She smiles right at me, and giggles as she gets handed over a couple of people to finally nestle in my arms, and on my chest. During which procedure, our rookie GranPa has (finally) learned to also remove the eyeglasses and put out of sight. Which means that the *only* thing he can see clearly is her beautiful face. Just the way she wants it!

Back at home, one fine morning as Mom and Dad took advantage of the Family Baby Sitting Service and slept in, (pure bliss for them both!) GranPa and Munchkin played Table Hockey. She would stand up at the edge of the coffee table, and we would shoot a red, plastic drinking glass across. It was a tight game, and I hung in, but she simply was too much for me, and won hands down! GranMa Barb also had many turns with the Mighty Mite, and loved every second. Sure Baby Jane was fussy and cranky sometimes, but she figures that she's earned that right as a growing, questioning, pushing the boundaries, 10 month old.

GranMa and GranPa had a wonderful extended weekend with our family. We got to get caught up with DJ and Katie, and I got to grill steaks one night. In Northern Michigan, our family are Meatatarians, and Katie also thinks this is good thing! DJ even showed me how to grill Asparagus, yummee :)  So love can take many forms, can't it? Sometimes it simply is a nice dinner with your family, and enjoying their company. And even if I was never a Father, I now get to have a much more time honored title: GranPa!

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  1. You are a treasure sir. I just loved this was such an insight into your heart which we all know is precious.
    I loved being a parent...and still do but you got the grandma use to joke "we become parents for the future promise of being grandparents".