Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dancing and Dipping...

It was a marvelous, magical evening in the Undred Acre Woods By The Inland Sea this Saturday past. Two of our nephews were coming up to camp, and brought some girlfriends and other buddies. The nephews enjoy coming up here to hunt, camp, and just get away from their daily stress. Steve and Edward are both brothers and friends, and a couple of wonderful young men as well. Whenever they come up, they always think to invite us along, no matter the events. When some of your family are also your friends, it makes for a great relationship!

Steven Claus

This weekend adventure saw Edward flying solo, and Steve with his girlfriend, Tiffany, and her BFF Casey with hubby Dave. What a fun crew to hang with! We declined the invite to go tubing down the river, but did meet up with them for dinner. Rosie's Place is an unassuming Northern Michigan eatery of the finest kind. Knotty Pine walls with mirrors that proclaim the bestest ever NASCAR drivers, and the obligatory beer posters complete the decor. The service is only moderately slow, but always friendly, and the food is quite tasty. One of the many reason reasons why we enjoy Rosie's is their typical "Up North" portion control of the foods. In other words, if you don't take home some for another complete meal, the portions are way too small! Any wonder why I'm so overweight then?

Rosie's is well known for making a great pizza, and walloping huge wet burritos, but this night was Prime Rib night! Oh yeah... nothing like a huge hunk of cow on my plate to me smile! As we tuck into our food, amidst some pitchers of beer, and laughter about the day's adventures, it was a very enjoyable time. And then the magic begun...

Edward Ho Ho Ho!
There is a Dance Stage at one end of the room, complte with a DJ setup. Happily it wasn't Karaoke Knight (for which we were extremely grateful), but it time to trip the light fantastic for a bit. At first Mr DJ played some Hip Hop stuff, and Tiffany and Casey stumbled a bit thru a couple of songs. Mr. DJ, however, wisely switched to some more Classic Rock., and I got up to join the girls. So yup, me and two beautiful babes on the Dance Floor, how awesome is that? Mr DJ even has special effects and a light show to make the mood more conducive to moving your bod. And the aforementioned spin master had the very good sense to not blast our ears as if we were at a concert. Sure Rock is meant to be played loud, but I don't need my ears to bleed afterward.

After the three of stumbles thru some more songs, and some more beer, we took a short break, to drink more beer. *chuckle* Then the magic truly was kicked up a notch as the music became perfect for some nice slow dancing... I grab Barb by the hand and she begins to protest that she doesn't know how... pwah! Hey, I'm Old School, and you'll be just fine my dear... and she was! We must have been on that floor for another hour or so... not really sure who else was, or wasn't with us... just Barb and I, bodies next to each other, swaying in the breeze, or I would gently guide her thru a few easy and fun steps... just looking into her eyes, and my heart melting all over again.. yes, this *is* magic my friends!

But soon enuff we both have to pay homage to our bladders, and then drink more beer... well, time to wrap up a lovely evening with old, and new friends, and homewards we head. When we get there, Barb announces that she is gonna get us some towels, and we're going swimming! It was well past dark, and quite warm and balmy out, so how could I resist? So quickly down to our beach, shuck off the clothes, (well completely off for me, Barb stayed in skivvies n bra) and into the warm, inviting water. Just as we start to splash a bit, and feel like teenagers at the prom, I spot some headlights coming down our drive! Ack! "Barb, headlights!!" I blurt out as I try to scramble back towards to shore in a soon to be thwarted attempt to get my clothes. "It's ok, it's the nephews and their friends" she quickly retorts. "You'll be fine. Besides, you're Old School, remember?" this as she smiles and starts to laugh a bit.

I breathe a sigh of relief, then decide what the heck? There's no Moon out, and we are having fun after all. Sure enough, soon there a splashing party of naked and mostly naked bodies in the water, all enjoying themselves merrily. So I guess you say that we all truly bared ourselves to each other that festive night, and what a way to do it! After some more merriment, Barb and I wade back to shore, and towel off to redress. The kids weren't too far behind, and they even invited us to stay and (can you guess?) drink more beer with them. As much fun as that sounded, we knew it was time for Mom & Dad to go upstairs, and let the kids play by themselves *chuckle*

So yes, another late Summer's eve of magic, with family and friends, love and laughter. These are the events that bring such joy to us all.

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  1. I sometimes read your life and wonder if it ever has a bad day. I love the picture of you and Barb sharing a kiss. Tender, romantic and just sweet.
    The thought of the two of you playing in the water, skinny dipping was so special. Magic??? I think so..and lots of it