Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Suddenly September!

Yes, it's true! Suddenly it's September, and the air is fresher, the grass greener, and we're back to wearing jeans instead of shorts. Our days are a bit shorter to go along with the much more pleasant temps, and generally everybody up here is happier as a result.

You see, we rather tend to not like really beautiful weather. Especially days, or even weeks of it! All those hot, sunny days just mean that something bad is likely to happen because we're enjoying ourselves too much. Something bad can usually be translated as Blizzards, Ice Storms and Power Failures. Now those we cheerfully endure because we know that something better is coming. It's not easy living up here.

But living at the 45th Parallel does have some advantages. One of the more pleasant activities that we do to ward off the evil spirits of melancholy and despair (which really only serve to remind us of our true plight as humans) is the venerated tradition of Date Night.  My WonderLuv Wife, Barb, suggested that we go to a nightclub that featured dinner and dancing just a couple of weeks past. So we actually do a "dress up" date, and trundle up to the big city. Traverse City is an actual city, but nearly as large as they would have you believe. None the less, to Stephens Place Night Club we trod, and we were delighted! From being greeted at the door by John (everybody's favorite old, Italian uncle) to the wonderful server, Chris (she knew all about the place and it's history), including Chef Harry (who came out and had a lovely chat with us, explaining how he created such mouth watering dishes without fat, or butter) all the way thru to the entertainment of Doc Woodward who tickled the ivories at just the right volume, this date night was a sterling success!

Go ahead and click on the link above, but it really doesn't do the place justice! Barb and I were treated to some of the best food we'd happily noshed on in an age. There was no rushing thru dinner just to start tapping out toes either. Chris the cute waitress simply would bring out each wave of our Topas for Two (we both highly recommend) while allowing us to have a turn on the dance floor in between. No hurrying, just a relaxing evening being truly pampered. Also, I must give kudos to the bartender (sorry, I never got his name) who serves an ice cold Martini, straight up, and made with perfection! I am rather a Martini snob, and his were the equal of my own. No higher compliment can I give.

And yes, Doc Woodard, in between sets would come and sit and gab with us as well. He would ask about our musical preferences, and could play almost anything from the 50's to the 80's. (Except for "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" -Wha?). Barb occasionally labors under the misguided delusion that she can't dance. Oh contraire, my darling! You can, and you will... and you will enjoy it a well. She actually moves rather well on the floor, all I need to do was supply a bit of a lead, and off we went to traverse the white pines floor, and swaying in time to the beat. At first, we were the only couple there, but soon enough we were joined by another couple, then more people started drifting in. By far, the couple with the most polish, and that seemed to just flow together naturally as they would Tango to almost any song was a nice surprise. Seems the gentleman in question was completely vision impaired! Watching the two of them was a treat for our vision, I assure you!

The genuine warmth of all who worked there was a charm. At one point, as I was heading out for a breath of fresh air, I opened the door for a man who entering and  pushing a wheelchair occupied by his handicapped son, with wife (dressed to the nines) in tow. As Barb and I finally were leaving, he approached us and introduced himself as the owner, and thanked us for coming. What a delightful evening! We will be back, and next time we'll bring friends. And as for the Cosmic Balance of enjoying ourselves too much, later that week we had a Power Failure, so it all works out in the end... 

As a small post script to this adventure, today when I started writing this blog a gentle soaking rain was blessing my lawn. Soon enough, as I was paying more attention to the words on my screen, and not to the pretty twinkling lights on my Satellite modem,  yes, my ISP was out! So you see, Life does balance out rather nicely! 
Oh, and the pictures of the Pileated Woodpecker were taken from my deck this morning. He's a regular customer at our fine eatery!

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