Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Soiree in the South

Heya kids, once again, (or should I say as usual), this crazy concept known as Life, has been treating me to another delightful whirlwind of family, traveling, and more misadventures. This time we have had a lovely driving tour from The Hundred Acre Woods By The Inland Sea all the way past the Mason Dixon Line to the true Deep South of Charleston SC.

We split the journey into two long days, with a stop at Barb's parents in the dreaded town of Columbus OH. Of course, this year those never-to-be-sufficiently-damned  Buckeyes don't seem to be the devils of old, do they? That was the short day with only about 9 hours on the road. After a wonderful dinner by JoanMom, and a nice visit with them both, we're fast asleep and then up just way too early for even the cows, roosters and Sun. But we clamber into the car by 6am (shudder) and off we go. This was indeed a minor miracle, but honestly (don't tell Barb I enjoyed it, I have a reputation to protect) the vivid teals and turquoise that glowed thru the morning fog was breathtaking. And so was some the driving, as the locals didn't appear to care for my cautious approach, and thought that it would be fun to show me how to play Bumper Car at 70mph..

We peel thru the Columbus area during those dark hours before Dawn, and then surreptitiously stole thru West Virginia, and Virginia as morning turned into a brilliant Fall day. The leaves just couldn't make up their minds about the correct wardrobe choices of color. So we drove thru sections that had some, or a lot, or no color at all? But each passing scene was welcome, and the scenery truly beautiful.
At one point as we wend our way thru the switchback, and up thru the Appalachians, Barb and I comment on this seems so familiar? Very similar to a trip we had taken with my folks a few years ago. Just when we decide that it was about time to take a break, OMG! We drive into the very Lookout that we had stopped at so long ago! And we even approached it from the other direction! Must be the TravelGawdz smiling on us for having made it thru the Purgatory like state of Ohio. Well, we simply had to stop and take a nice leg stretcher to see all around the valleys before, and behind us. Ace delightedly led the way, scrambling over mossy rocks, and finding the obligatory cockle burr bush. the view was astounding, with the low flying clouds that floated their jigsaw like shadows below, it seemed out of a movie, just so special.
Other highlights include Tudor's Biscuit World just outside of Charleston WV (just how many Charlestons are there anyways?). If you have never had the incredible, light, flaky delight (yeah, sounds like an old girlfriend of mine) that a true Southern Biscuit is, then your life has not been fulfilled. For you mates in the Yew Kay, or Oz, Enn Zee, over here in America, we take our biscuits very seriously! Not the sweet type of treats that we refer to as cookies, oh no, these wantonly sensual pastries are their own statement that life is good! and really, if you live North of the Mason Dixon Line, you simply cannot get a good biscuit. Family grudges and feuds have been volleyed across generations for the "proper" making of a good biscuit.
As we toddle across West Virginia, then Virginia (the two parted company during the War Of Aggression By The North) the scenery changed from gently rolling hills and pastures to a much more mountainous route. Yes, the Appalachians were under foot and over head! Driving here was both pleasurable, if sometimes a wee bit intense. Barb was rather quick to point out that we were dricing by a hundred foot gorge, and there was minimal guard rail. I shrug and continue on in the best tradition of an Ice Road Trucker, and put the hammer down! Well, not too far down. But hey, what a beautiful drive!

So onward ho! As we approach the border from Virginia into North Carolina, Ace the DufusDog, and my body, both make a request for a Bio Break. Oh look, there's a nifty rest stop on the side of the highway now, we are saved! So in we toddle merrily, and while Ace takes Barb for a walk, I go in to find some ballast relief. Well... okay... my goodness me... as I attempt to enter a stall to allow my intestinal tract to divest itself of all those light, flaky biscuits, I notice that the stalls are so narrow that both of my shoulders are squeezed to the point where if I breathe in, the stall will collapse outward?! Huh? Wha? Are all the men in this state extremely skinny? Do they never have a tourist of full figured proportions? fuggedaboudit... I decide to travel on and hope for the best. So across the State Line we go, and (oh thank gawd) find what turns out to be the abso bestest rest stop of the trip! The floors are inlaid stone with geometric patterns, and a gentleman of my obviously over rated shoulder width, could sit comfortably.... ahhh.... relief at last!

So a long day is closing into late afternoon, and we cross the border into South Carolilna, soon my dears, soon to be done! But also as we cross that same border, I notice that oh my gosh, each and every car on the road suddenly speeds up to well past 20mph over the speed limit! Yup, we're in South Carolina!

The rest of the trip was dedicated to putting miles under our tires, some food and gas in our bellies, and enjoying the trip. Going from the Hundred Acre Woods By The Inland Sea, all the way down and across to the Deep South was a transformational journey. The land itself changed as we journeyed thru various geological regions, and our souls were refreshed and restored as we surveyed new lands, new opportunities, and new friends.

Well, my young friends, about 16 hours later, we pull into the parking lot of our condo, and it's just as dark as when we left! But boy howdy we made it, and all in one piece, even if a bit stiff and achy.
So the *real* reason of our journey is to attend the wedding of a fave niece, and we will be joined by both sons and their wives (hurray) and later Barb's sis and hubby (another yay).
So yes kids, another adventure to be had, more Love to be shared, and more Life to be thankful for! Love, Laugh Live...

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