Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Wedding and well that's really it....

Hi kids! We're still in the Deep South of Charleston SC, and I thought to share some of the wedding we came for, and a few other bits of magic as well. So kick back, put on your fave wedding moozik, and enjoy the ride. Just in case you need something to set the tone, click on this over played link.
One of our fave nieces, Staci, was thoughtful enuff to invite her old Aunt and Uncle to come share in the nuptials and festivities, and we were honored to have been asked. Staci is a wonderful young lady, and has always been quite beautiful, and very loving. Her fiance, David, was raised here, and this is indeed an extraordinary city in which to wed. As a "destination wedding" Charleston lacks for nothing. It has all the history, romance, and attractions to keep even the most jaded of travelers wonderfully entertained and engaged. The dining *anywhere* is top shelf, (very fresh, very local seafood, yummee) and so are the people.
Staci and David had both the small ceremony, and reception that followed at the Harbour Club. This is true Southern sophisticate hospitality at it's finest! The vows were exchanged up on the third floor, open air deck. With the sun at our backs for an early evening wedding, it was quite beautiful. Even if the Groomsmen did squint quite a bit at the direct sunlight! But no matter, Staci was truly one of the most radiant brides ever to grace a pavilion. And David was obligatorily nervous,  altho he still did his bit quite well. (good thing the Reverend gave him his lines) This particular deck on the third floor actually looked out at another open air eatery, on the fourth floor, just across the alley. So there a few more "guests" present at the wedding than were invited. Happily as the loving Bride kissed the Groom, everyone on both decks broke out in applause. I was concerned that some wag over there might be tempted to shout over the wrong kind of "encouragement" and put a damper on the affair.
So nuptials were performed, and down a level for a fantastic dinner, and dancing. Food, drink and laughter all flowed easily as old friends got reacquainted, and new friendships were forged. At our table, my own dear Barb was lucky (?) enuff to be the Captain of Fun, and her job was to ensure each of us had a good time. {Just so many bad jokes there that I can't even start}
So, Barb and I had an enjoyable dinner, some fun (and free) drinks, and a great time dancing together. At one point the DJ even played our song, Truly, Madly, Deeply. And yes, each and every time we dance, especially to this song, we fall in love all over again. See, that's us over to the right...
So maybe this is the place to finish off this post. I know I promised you some voodoo Magic, and I'll get to it later, but for now just know that the absolute bestest thing in the world is to be in love with the one that is in love with you!

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